The WETLAND ALLIANCE: THE ECOLOGICAL RESPONSE (WA:TER) Group in Salmon Arm, BC - focussing on river, delta and wetland conservation, and eco-tourism in this area of the Shuswap.

This short video [3:34 min] provides an overview of WA:TER's work. The following videos document Seeds of Hope and Flood Risk and Assessment meetings, and the natural history of the Salmon River and Delta, Salmon Arm, BC. All are hosted on YouTube. They can be viewed full screen by clicking the lower right corner icon.

SEEDS OF HOPE MEETING, United Church, Salmon Arm, Sept. 22nd, 2012

Bonnie Thomas: "My name is Bonnie Thomas. I'm a board member of Switzmalph Cultural Society and the youngest daughter of the late Dr. Mary Thomas. And even though she's on her spiritual journey, I believe her spirit is here with us today ..."
[46:35 min]
Dr. Nancy Turner: "In recognition of the Neskonlith and Adams Lake communities, and the other peoples of the Secwepemc Nation, whose anscestors have occupied and cared for the lands and waters of this region for millennia ..."
Dr. Warren Bell: "When Nancy made reference to the fact that it has always been a First Nations tradition that we are connected to all living creatures, that wasn't just a figure of speech ..."
Alex Inselberg: "The purpose of the talk today is just to bring you up to speed on some of the contemporary science information we've gathered ..."
Dave Ramsay: "Much of what I have to show you is in response to a lot of the things that have been going on over the last few years. I chose to write a course focusing on the Shuswap Watershed ..."

FLOOD HAZARD & RISK ASSESSMENT - Calvin VanBuskirk's presentation, Deo Lutheran Church, Salmon Arm, Feb. 16th, 2012

Summary & Introduction to Flood 1 to 5: "This set of five video clips encompasses a presentation made by Calvin VanBuskirk ... who has made a study of the implications for development of building in an active floodplain ..."

Flood 1: "Salmon River Flood Hazard and Risk: What do we know? What don't we know? What can we do?"

Flood 2: "Here's an interesting quote I came across in Ontario: "I think our people have been so severely damaged in Hurricane Camille that it will take several generations for a sense of complacency to develop.""

Flood 3: "If we move up to 2007, development is moving out to the west ..."

Flood 4: "Issues with respect to existing development within the Salmon River floodplain ..."

Flood 5: "The cost of stopping natural flooding of agricultural land ..."

FLOOD HAZARD & RISK INFORMATION MEETING, United Church, Salmon Arm, March 15th, 2011

Calvin VanBuskirk introduces Dr. Matthias Jakob, BGC Engineering, Vancouver
Dr. Matthias Jakob, pt. 1
Dr. Matthias Jakob, pt. 2
Dr. Matthias Jakob, pt. 3
Alan Bates, Salmon Arm: Introduction and a few words ...
Paul Doyle, pt.1
Paul Doyle, pt.2
Bonnie Thomas, Neskonlith First Nations Band, Salmon Arm
Are floodplain guidelines the law?
Using aboriginal knowledge and experience - Dr. Matthias Jakob
Methods to relieve flood damage - Dr. Matthias Jakob
Should isn't 'must' - Dr. Matthias Jakob
Are professionals inhibited by lack of political will ?
What is the effect of increasing river flow rates on the 200 year flood plain dimension? - Dr. Matthias Jakob
Floods and risks - Dr. Matthias Jakob
Flooding on our Salmon River delta - Alan Bates


Salmon River, Salmon Arm, 2010 salmon run; chinook, sockeye, coho counting and numbers
[23:46 min]
Counting salmon in the Salmon River, Salmon Arm, 2010
[8:24 min]
Western Grebes, 2008, Salmon Arm
[8:43 min]
How frequently does the Salmon River overtop its natural levee banks on its delta at Salmon Arm, BC Canada?
[6:33 min]


Is this the right location for a huge shopping centre?
[6:34 min]