Salmon River
Wetland Alliance: The Ecological Response (WA:TER) is an organization created to bring together a number of groups interested in protecting the Salmon River delta and floodplain. It was created under community-divisive development pressure but is now using the strategic planning process to determine ways to bring local communities together. WA:TER also hopes to serve as a model for other communities in a variety of ways, including natural asset valuation, the melding of science and traditional values, and negotiation with and/or support of all groups whose health, welfare, livelihoods, and/or general well-being depend on a common natural resource.

To this end, WA:TER has 4 goals in the coming years:
1. To support the wise management of the Salmon River delta & floodplain,
2. To model the Salmon River delta and floodplain for healthy, enduring communities,
3. To improve collaboration with interested groups, and
4. To establish new administration and administrative processes.

Each of these goals has been broken down into specific projects, such as government policies assessment, support of the Mary Thomas Heritage Sanctuary (including the Seeds of Hope project), facilitation of flood risk assessment, development of a pro-business/ pro-environment campaign, and fine-tuning administration and outreach.

During our planning process many projects were identified that would fulfil our mission, but as an organization of volunteers, we are focusing on projects that will impassion rather than overwhelm our membership. We see many years of exciting developments in bringing the community together over this valuable and beautiful natural resource.
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