Donation details Wetland Alliance: The Ecological Response [WA:TER] formed as an alliance of local scientists, First Nations' leaders and community advocates to protect the ecological values of the Salmon River delta using science and traditional First Nations' knowledge. It originally formed in response to a development threat to the Salmon River delta but has evolved into a more proactive model for community collaboration. WA:TER registered as a non-profit society in BC in June 2009.

WA:TER's tools include extensive consultations, commissioned studies, public information sessions, addresses to City Council, and submissions to the provincial Ministry of Environment (MOE) and the federal Fisheries and Oceans Canada. It has used these tools to effectively reduce development impact, and educate local and provincial stakeholders in the importance of healthy wetlands for a vibrant community, and has served as a model

for demonstrating how various groups can coordinate efforts for better outcomes. It was recognized early on that divisiveness is not in the best interest of anyone, and WA:TER is committed to using a cooperative model to encourage win-win outcomes for the community.

WA:TER has a dual focus: one effort concentrates on supporting the physical health and management of the Salmon River delta and floodplain, and the second on education of all interested parties, local and distant. Education is seen as a two-way street in that WA:TER both collects and disseminates best practices associated with wetlands health and the integration of a healthy wetlands into various aspects of the local community.
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